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Playground Flooring

Playground Safety Tiles

Rubber Flooring manufactures highest quality Playground tiles in the industry. Our playground tiles have a top protective 12 mm layer of EPDM rubber and this makes our tiles , more U.V. stable than any other tile in the market. These tiles  are ideal when appearance is more important as they are brighter than standard rubber tiles with a more permanent colour. Unlike standard rubber tiles in the market, the EPDM range does not wear blacker in time on heavily used areas as each tile is made from virgin through-coloured granules providing a more permanent colour   Safe, Clean Play Area. Harmful objects can hide in loose fill product like sand, wood chips or gravel. The  solid construction of Rubber Floorings UK Playground Tiles does not allow foreign objects to hide. There is also no loose fill material for children to kick, throw or swallow.   Allows Play Year Round. Design allows for continuous use even during the rainy season. Because water does not puddle on the surface, but moves quickly through the top and through water channels on reverse, the play area is ready for use soon after heavy rains.   Virtually Maintenance Free. No daily maintenance required to maintain safety standards means less cost, less hassle. It looks and performs great   Easy to Install. Our Premium Tiles are supplied with interlocking pins. Low cost installation that is easily installed on any surface. Simply interlock the tiles using the pins supplied. Outdoor adhesive must be used between tiles to ensure tiles remain waterproof and in shape and do not move around with heavy traffic. Failure to use adhesive will void warranty. Available in 4 colours; Green, Red, Blue and Black.

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£ 52.66 INC.

Playground Tiles A

No playground is complete without safety surfacing to cushion falls and stumbles. Manufactured from Heavy Duty 100% rubber compound, Rubber Floorings UK Interlocking Playground Tiles are designed exclusively to reduce the risk of injury associated with falls or simply to create patio and walkway areas that not only look attractive but are also safe, durable and virtually maintenance free. • Air pockets on reverse / bottom surface   provides extra soft cushion effect  • Heavy duty durable Rubber • Slip resistant pattern finish • Hollowed reverse for cushioning • High impact and resilience • Integral interlocking design • Excellent protection from falls Interlocking Heavy Duty Rubber Tiles , Weight Per Tile : 12kg No Adhesive Required

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£ 36.46 INC.

Jigsaw Playground Safety Mat Tiles A

  Rubber playground tiles minimizes accidental injuries from falls where children’s play equipment is in use, or simply to create patio and walkway areas that not only look attractive but are also safe, durable and virtually maintenance free. They can be placed over existing hard surfaces and even bonded down if required, or they can be laid directly onto a firm packed sand or stone base. • Air pockets on reverse / bottom surface   provides extra soft cushion effect on feet • Heavy duty durable Rubber • Slip resistant pattern finish • Hollowed reverse for cushioning • High impact and resilience • Integral interlocking design • Excellent protection from falls No Adhesive Required  

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£ 11.15 INC.

Interlocking Playground Tiles A

• Heavy Duty, durable Rubber Playground Mats • Slip resistant pattern finish • High impact and resilience • Integral interlocking design  

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£ 48.62 INC.

Rubber Grass Playground Mats B

Allows grass to grow through 25mm holes allow efficient drainage Ideal for grassed sites, the mat disappears from view once the grass has grown through Tested by Rapra to BS EN 1177:1998 for 3.3 meters critical fall height Resistant to all weather and extreme temperatures Added protection for grass No costly ground work required Maintenance free Can be laid on flat or contoured surfaces Manufactured from recycled rubber Wheelchair Friendly  The Rubber Flooring Grass Mat is 23mm (thick) x 1.0 meter (wide) x 1.5 meter (long) and is a non-slip rubber mat. Ideal for installation on heavy traffic grass areas and walkways. The mat also protects against erosion. The Grass Mat has been designed to allow grass to grow through the large and small holes, helping to keep that natural green feel to any area. The Rubber Flooring Grass Mat is the most economical safety surface in the industry. Manufactured from recycled rubber, the mat requires no base work and is suitable for flat or contoured sites. It wears extremely well and is resistant to all weathers and temperatures. The Rubber Flooring surfacing solution is maintenance-free, keeps grassed areas looking neat and allows the grass to be cut with a conventional mower

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£ 28.90 INC.

Grass Puzzle Tiles C

Heavy Duty, All Weather 18mm EVA Astro Tuff Grass Tiles  are a revolutionary tile which interlocks together to create a seamless safety floor with in minutes. Suitable for Indoor and outdoor sports and games, childrens play areas and  trade shows. Easy to trim to fit awkward areas. Each mat comes with 2 x Removable edging strips (x2) for a straight finish. Grass puzzle tile is a top quality Safety flooring product! 1m x 1m x 18mm interlocking tile. Each mat comes with two edging strips Top side is covered with a tough synthetic grass simply interlock each tile and then use the straight edges to finish. Waterproof, stain & UV resistant

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£ 31.40 INC.

Ground Stabilising Mesh E

Order Here If You Want a Full Roll Roll Size: 2 meters x 30 meters

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£ 403.28 INC.

Classico Interlocking Playground Tiles

New interlocking 12mm thick tiles Available in 1m x 1m Hard wearing and long lasting Protection of gym equipment Shock absorption to protect users joints 20% Red-fleck design to give colour coordinated finish  

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£ 59.60 INC.

Checker Rubber Playground Mats

SALE REDUCED WAS £19.89 Checker Rubber Playground Mats Quick Easy installation—No adhesives required Protects concrete from deterioration Vapor barrier, moisture will not penetrate Interlocks seamless look Anti-fatigue flooring Hides cracked and damaged older floors Easy to move when cleaning is needed Easy to cut Cushioned comfort for walking & working Provides Thermal Insulation and noise reduction Heavy Duty Rubber Compound—Formulated to last for years Weight Per Tile : 12kg No Adhesive Required Manufactured From Nitrile Rubber, Resistant to Oil, Antifreeze, Battery Acid And Brake Fluid

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£ 28.58 INC.
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