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Black Plastic Paving Driveway Grid Turf Grass Gravel Protector Drainage Mat

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  • Eco-friendly and lightweight
  • Suitable for any areas needing ground or grass protection
  • Versatile interlocking base for sheds, greenhouses, cabins and driveway installation
  • Infill with gravel, sand, soil or grass


Garden Paving Grids

Made In UK

Heavy Duty Plastic

The paving grids can be filled with soil and grassed as the cell structure and open base promotes unrestricted root growth. The pavers can also be filled with gravel giving a high quality decorative look. The  cell structure will retain the gravel and prevent loss or gravel displacements.

They are easy to install and connect to each other interlocking into a strong paving grid. Perfect for laying strengtened new lawns, just interlock the grids,fill with soil ans sow the seeds.


There are many uses for this grid:

Industry and Construction

- Emergency service (Fire Access routes)

- Car parks (grass or gravel)

- Overspill / overflow grass car parks

- Service access roads

- Road waysides

- Maneuvering squares

- Driveways and residential lawn / gravel parking

- Streetcar subgrades

- Railway embankments

- Slope and embankment reinforcement

- Melioration ditches



- Cycling and pedestrian trails

- Aircraft Taxiways & Helipads

- Golf buggy paths

- Camping sites

- Paddocks, horse studs


Home and Garden

- Driveways

- Garden Pathways

- Pond Banks and Floors

- Lawn Protection Against Wildlife

- Home Surrounding (Gravel Draining Systems)

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