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Sponge Rubber Sheet EPDM Or Neoprene Blend Plain Black

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EPDM/Neoprene blend sponge sheeting is a general purpose industrial sponge sheet. Closed cell foam construction. Good flexibility and good resistance to uv light and ozone. Can be used in many applications including Water, seals, packing, insulation, sound, thermal insulation.

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Technical Specification


3mm, 5mm, 6mm, 9.5mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm



Compression @ 25% Deflection (kPa)

Typical: 43 (ASTM D1056-00 spec limits: 35 to 65)

Compression @ 50% Deflection (kPa)

Typical: 112 (ASTM D1056-00 spec limits: 80 to 160)

Density (kg.m3)

120 (ISO 845-95)

Compression set (50% 22h 20C) typical

19.1% (ASTM D1056-00 spec limits: 25% max)

Water absorption, max. change in weight (%)

0.8 (ASTM D1056-00 spec limits: 10)

Heat ageing, change in compressoin deflect0in, 168 hrs @70C

PAS (spec limits: +/- 30%)



Tensile Strength KN/m2

>500 (ISO 1798-7)

Elongation at break % typical

>180 (ISO 1798-7)

Temperature range

-40 to +70C

Hig intermittent temperature


Resitance to Air and UV


Resistance to oil


Resistance to acids


Environmental protection




Specification ASTM D1056-00 AFNOR 99-211

2A2, B2C 2C08/3C08(squared) B3 C2

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